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Turret Tags by Backfire: Quick-adjust Yardage stickers for any scope

Turret Tags by Backfire are quick-adjust yardage stickers for any scope.  Simply apply the stickers to your scope to mark the correct yardage for any shot, then use the clear strip to lock the tags onto your scope so they don’t get bumped off during a hunt.  The stickers are waterproof and easily replaceable if you change your load or will be hunting in conditions that will change your ballistics.

Hunting guides told us the #1 reason their customers don’t take game on hunts is because it takes them too long to figure out the yardage, dial the turret, find the animal in the scope, and take the shot.  Turret tags speeds up this process by allow you to just range, see the yardage markers right on your scope and dial, and then shoot.  No need to buy a $90 custom turret just for one hunt, or mess around with your ballistics app during the moment of truth.