Backfire “Blaze Orange” Shirt

Look, it’s smart to wear blaze orange when hunting.  We do.  However, we’re not fans of the government mandating what color our clothes should be and how many square inches of it we need to wear, so we created this sartorial masterpiece that playfully skirts the line between regulation and rebellion.

You’ll find a green shirt with the words “Blaze Orange” emblazoned across the front in stark black letters. It’s the kind of humor that only the true outdoor enthusiast will appreciate, especially when the game warden comes a-knocking. If a game warden ever says the shirt isn’t 500 square inches of blaze orange, we got you.  Nestled within the design, in lettering so small it would make a squirrel squint, are the words “500 square inches”—the exact requirement for blaze orange during hunting season.

It’s our little nod to the rules, with a wink.  The Backfire Channel’s “Blaze Orange” Green Shirt isn’t just clothing; it’s a conversation starter, a statement piece, and perhaps most importantly, a hilarious way to show your love for the great outdoors, all while technically adhering to the letter of the law.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t be dumb.  This shirt is a fun product and we love to wear it around Backfire and on our videos.  However, it’s obviously not a replacement for wearing hunter orange.  This will not protect you, and you’d have quite the job actually getting out of a ticket if a game warden questioned you.